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Why Your Favorite Summer Dresses Never Look As Good As The Season Before

We spend the whole winter longing for those long and (hopefully) hot summer days and nights, when we can enjoy peeling off the layers of clothing as the warmer weather approaches, almost like a caterpillar breaking from its cocoon to reveal itself as a butterfly and expose our white blotchy skin to those warm waves of summer sun. But when the warm weather eventually arrives are you like the millions of other women who find themselves rifling through their wardrobes only to find that the summer dresses worn last year are not quite what they remembered. These women then realise they have nothing suitable to wear for that barbeque next Saturday night… the first big social event of the summer and end up rushing online or to the shops in a mad panic to buy whichever summer dresses are available, only to be totally underwhelmed with their purchase, and think everyone else looks much better than them, and become totally paranoid about it. By the end of the summer ( if not by the end of the night) they hate the day they ever set eyes on that panic buy summer dress and vow never to wear it again, only to go through the cycle again next spring.

Well don’t panic as we at Summer Dresses can help change all that and make every shopping trip one that always guarantees to be worthwhile. We ask the experts and get some some pro tips in avoiding fashion faux pas, and what steps you can take to get the best out of your wardrobe and choose the right summer dresses that always look great on you, year in and year out, so it is your friends who are jealous at how good YOU look! What’s more we will reveal the fashion secrets which the pros use to choose the best summer dresses on trend, and we will teach you how to get ahead of the curve by picking those trendy summer dresses well before anyone else.

The Basics Of Buying Your Next Summer Dress

However, we are not all blessed like Cheryl Cole who can throw anything on and look amazing, even Cheryl will admit to working hard to looking that good, its no fluke that she does, as she has a team of stylist advising her on what and what not to wear.So In order to become a summer dresses fashionista Firstly you need to plan ahead and don’t go buying dresses at random and on impulse just because they look good in a shop window or on your favorite website, remember they are there to entice you to buy. What looks good on a model does not necessarily look good on you, unless you are are in fact a clothes model.

Secondly, TRY TO REMAIN CALM, Not every “sale now on” sign you see offers you a bargain, often its a gimmick to get shoppers in the door believing they can get a bargain, whereas in reality the sale items are end of lines that on closer inspection are only available in impossibly small sizes. If you want a bargain and think you can get one in a sale, only try end of season sales, and get there early as the retailers always put out the popular garments first. But before you do, try to do some research as to what will be on trend over the coming seasons, shapes, colours, styles etc. That way you will truly get a bargain that will last you for years to come. NEVER EVER buy on impulse, even if you love it! always go to a sale with a “game plan” and only ever buy what you need, not what you want!

THIRDLY, buy the best you can afford, I am the first one to say that I would probably choose to buy a branded summer dress, but only if i really, really liked it and only if i could comfortable afford it, though that is out of personal choice. I have similarly purchased equally nice summer dresses in the past from your common or garden high street chain too, as all to often, their designs are based upon those very designers hot new trends anyway. So if you only have £30.00 in your budget but you really want that designer summer dress which is £300.00, find out what you like about it and then look on the high street for exactly those features, I guarantee you will find a summer dress not too dissimilar for your budget.

Cut to the Chase, Get The Fit Right

You should also consider the cut of the dress, and whether it is appropriate for the occasion and also the prevailing temperature, so a day time summer dress for work, you may consider a fitted shift dress with sleeveless arms and maybe take a cardigan to wear if the air conditioning gets too cool in the office. By contrast if on holiday, a floaty white summer dress is perfect to take advantage of the breeze to keep you cool on a hot sunny afternoon.

What Are The Best Summer Dresses Made From?

Cotton summer dresses are always a good choice and a natural fabric that allows your skin to breathe naturally on hot days and warm evenings, so as soon as the weather forecasts gets optimistic for warm weather, get your cotton dresses at the ready. If you are going to an occasion that permits a casual look, think cotton for a good comfortable fit, so much so that you almost forget you are wearing it. It allows you to enjoy the day without worrying about what you are wearing.

Be prepared however, a cardigan is a great accessory you can wrap around yourself, in case you are still at a party when night falls. This way when you get cold, you already have a change of clothes on you. just because it is summer it doesn’t mean that when the sun goes in you can’t get cold, think ahead and think of layering. Shrugs, cardigans and wraps keep you warm in case the barmy British summer turns against you. These are key to outfit building and making your summer dress more versatile so you can wear them to different occasions and really get value for money out of them.

An alternative to Cotton is Linen which offers a shinier and often classier impression – this is what to wear if you want to make a bit of a splash – if you want to look and feel like someone special or someone who wants to make a special occasion out of an evening Linen is a great choice especially if it is warm.

Colour By Numbers

Keep in mind that dark colours are normally for the winter months, because they absorb all the sunlight, so choose a bright outfit if you can, though if you have a summer dress which a little darker in colour you can always rely on a colourful cardigan to go with a black or dark coloured summer dresses. If you travel, consider choosing a crinkle finish Cotton Dress so that you won’t need to panic if you need something to wear when you have only just arrived and opened your suitcase. They are amazingly adaptable and offer a quick change of clothes.

If you are going to be at a garden party, picnic or other on-the-lawn event, make sure you wear a sleeveless top that shows off your shoulders. Keep sunscreen and something that keeps you warm and dry handy in case it gets cloudy, windy or rainy. Remember that wearing summer dresses in vibrant colour makes you look bright and cheerful, which makes others respond to you in a bright and cheerful way, which can’t be bad.